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"Driving an automobile is a 20th century experience. Riding a horse driven carriage can be understood as a 19th century experience. Sailing a boat is a timeless experience - the thrill of tiller vibrating and sail pulling aboard a modern fiberglass sailboat is very much the same today as what a Roman waterman would have experienced aboard a husky little spritsail 2000 years ago."

BastanteCome enjoy a timeless experience as guests aboard Bastante, a trophy winning Berret/Racoupeau designed First-405 Beneteau. Get a hands on sailing experience learning the variety of points of sail. Learn to hoist, trim and change sails while under way, including asymmetrical spinnaker; and experience the thrill of driving a sailboat utilizing only the sails and the wind.

Take a romantic 2 to 3 day get away exploring one of the many remote harbors of Catalina. Enjoy a romantic dinner on shore or in a good restaurant with great food. Have a campfire, go kayaking, hiking, bicycling, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and scuba diving on the beautiful island of Catalina.

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