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A luxury yacht charter on "Bastante" is a fantastic way to experience the exhilarating freedom of sailing across the channel with the best views of the coastline, pristine white beaches, sparkling azure waters, and vividly colored marine life.

Day one the adventure begins as we depart from Alamitos Bay, Long Beach in the late morning and sail to weather out past historical LA Lighthouse. We sail north to Point Fearman and then turn and cross the channel towards the north western end of Catalina. Often, dolphins will join us on our trip, and it is not uncommon to spot blue, grey and orca whales during migration season. As part of the experience, guests will learn to hoist and trim sails, navigate to various points of sail and get the thrill of hands on instruction while driving to weather. The trip, filled with a mix of learning and fun, usually takes about 4 to 5 hours.

When we reach Catalina Island we will moor in one of the many picturesque harbors and guests can kayak, swim, bike ride, hike, or simply relax with cocktails and hors díoeuvres after a long sail. For dinner, guests have the choice between barbequing / campfire on shore or dining in one of the islandís many fabulous restaurants.

In the morning, after a gourmet breakfast on deck, guests can snorkel or scuba dive in the beautiful Catalina reefs with the islandís dive boat, the "Garibaldi". If you choose not to, you can relax, hike, bike ride, swim, or explore the island. In the mid afternoon we will depart the island and enjoy a beautiful and exciting sail back to Long Beach.

The return trip is usually quicker due to the wind direction. We sail downwind and this allows Bastante to fly one of her spinnaker sails. Bastante boasts one of the most distinctive spinnaker sails in the channel. Large and red it resembles a crimson parachute pulling the vessel quickly through the waves. It is not uncommon for dolphins to playfully race along beside us adding a delightful end to a beautiful weekend adventure.

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